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We supply a range of products that will optimize the functionality, quality, efficiency and reliability of your datacentre or other applications.

Get an impression of our avialable solutions below and select the items for further details.



First-Case is manufacturer and supplier of custom made sliding doors, ideal for your datacentre's hot- or cold aisle containment system.

These doors can be designed for any size or functionality, to achieve your optimal desired implementation.


We're specialized in creating custom divisions for hot- and cold aisles. Furthermore we manufacture customized solutions for special ceilings and partitions in your datacentre.


Humanity’s ever increasing energy demands and proportionally increasing costs ask for high-tech durable energy alternatives.

First-Case develops easy to install solar and wind energy systems.


Would you like to know how your Datacentre’s cooling systems are performing?
You want to know this before all the equipment is installed, either because you don't have full capacity available yet or you do not want to use your expensive and sensitive server equipment for these kinds of tests.