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Cooling your datacentre is very important, but modern servers are more compact and power-hungry which results in more generated heat in the same rack space. Traditional cooling methods do not meet those elevated cooling requirements anymore.
First-Case developed an easy to install Cold Aisle solution.

Datacentre Traditioneel

In the picture on the left you see an air leakage flowing around and above the cabinets reducing your effective cooling capacity. In this example the cold air is distributed through the computer floor.

By separating the hot and the cold side of the cabinets the airflow is forced through the cabinets.


Datacentre Cold AisleOur solution exist of transparent ceiling panels and a glass sliding door at the entrance of the cabinet row. These parts are simply attached to the cabinets and other existing objects without major reconstruction activities.

This First-Case solution can easily be implemented in your existing Datacentre without removing and replacing existing cabinets. Of course this solution is also perfectly suitable as a Hot Aisle Containment.

We have highly optimized the construction of these Cold / Hot Aisle Containment systems by prefab production of the desired parts. Therefor the installation time and related costs are significantly lower with improved quality and efficiency.

First-case is specialized in custom built separations for cold and hot aisle containments. Furthermore special solutions for ceilings and other custom mechanical separations are no problem for us.