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Through years of experience, First-Case has become a full-service provider in the datacentre market.

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We Perform work in the fields of electronics, cooling systems, piping, logistics, installation, rebuilding, moving and provide support and instructions.

We have Extensive experience with installation of UPS, batteries, cooling, Data Center design and custom made hot / cold aisles.


First-Case has the equipment and the manpower to carry out all logistical tasks.

Our fleet is equipped with all the right tools.


Does one of your UPS, cooling system or other device or solution need to be installed?

Get in contact with us and find out what we can do for you.


It's better to consider all options in advance and implement the right choices at the start, than realize in a later stage that the chosen path could have been much more efficient, quicker or cheaper.

Project Management

First-Case provides project management with a natural focus on achieving successful outcomes.

We handle all aspects of deploying the project to assure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Loadbank Testing

First-Case has developed special in-rack load bank heaters for testing your Datacentre’s cooling systems.

Battery Monitoring

A UPS is installed for one important reason: preventing costly downtime.

A Battery Monitoring System provides you continuously with the battery quality. This enables you to know the reliability of your power status in advance.