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First-Case employs a team of highly qualified engineers capable to meet every thinkable challenge. Apart from that, we take care of the complete logistic operations from start to finish.
A compact skills overview:

  • Installation of electronics
  • Installation of cooling systems
  • Installation of piping systems
  • Logistics
  • Installation
  • Rebuilding
  • Moving
  • Support
  • Instruction

We can perform these tasks as a subcontractor and with our own staff. It is also possible to carry out this work as project manager together with your staff.


Some of these activities per application:


Thankfully power surges are a rarity in our countries. However, if power fails, the consequences are often unforeseen. Even a short power outage can lead to data loss or defective equipment.

First-Case is specialized in implementing emergency power plans for your application using UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies). We are certified by various UPS suppliers to install these products according to the latest standards.



Batteries are some of the most sensitive parts in your UPS. Batteries have to be serviced and calibrated every six months and last only a few years. Whether you have a single UPS or a large datacentre, First-Case is not only your supplier but will replace the batteries as well.

When replacing UPS batteries we follow the procedures indicated by the battery and UPS manufacturer. We only use original batteries or batteries which fulfil the minimal requirements of the UPS manufacturer.

Service agreement
First-Case can schedule half-yearly visits to inspect the state of your UPS and batteries, and if necessary arrange direct battery replacement.



We provide delivery, installation, assembly and connection of cooling systems for datacentres and other applications.


Datacentre construction

Redesign or reallocation of a Datacentre is not an easy job. Server racks and cabinets are large and heavy, UPS systems are even more so because they incorporate thick cables and heavy batteries. Furthermore the downtime of your data centre must be as short as possible. Sometimes there are many parties involved in such an operation and they need to cooperate in an efficient way.

First-Case recognizes these problems. First of all we take care of coordinating all operations. Furthermore we are capable of putting extra personnel on the job with short notice and we organize transport if necessary. Ultimately we deliver your project within the agreed terms.


Hot/Cold Aisle

First-case is specialized is custom built separations for cold and hot aisle containments. Furthermore special solutions for ceilings and other custom mechanical separations are no problem for us.
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A small impression of various performed projects:

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