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The solution for all your data management issues

When it comes to finding solutions for every conceivable kind of data management issue, look no further than Unica, whose Datacenters business unit specialises in the technical infrastructure of DataCentres. Throughout the Netherlands, Unica Datacenters is responsible for providing consultancy, design and construction services for reliable, safe and hi-tech web hosting centres, computer rooms and DataCentres.

In providing these services, Unica acts as main contractor with a project team that is fully geared up to meeting your specific needs and requirements. These are identified by means of a so-called quickscan analysis. A presentation of the plan of action and approval of the budget will follow, whereupon Unica Datacenters will act quickly and professionally to bring about a DataCentre that meets all the stringent requirements of this day and age.

In addition, Unica Datacenters is your partner in the expansion and/or upgrading of your current DataCentre. After all, when it comes to maximising performance and availability, good management and regular maintenance work are not an option, but a necessity in guaranteeing the continuity of your organisation and your data.

URL: https://www.unica.nl/over-unica/gespecialiseerde-bedrijven/unica-fastcom.aspx